Lake Tahoe DJ Rental Gear

If You Need The Right Sound & Lighting We Have You Covered with Lake Tahoe DJ rental gear!

Full Line of Rental Gear!

Our DJ rental gear includes, speakers, microphones, lights and PA systems. If you are interested in hosting your own party, I have all you need to have a great event. Lake Tahoe DJ rents speakers that offer simple plug and play capability. Bring your iPod or computer and simply plug directly into the speaker! No hassle with sound boards or cables. It also works with microphones, guitars, projectors, etc. Prices vary depending upon equipment rented and duration of rental. Please contact me for more DJ gear rental information or Follow Us On Facebook, Follow Us On Instagram

Rentals Lake Tahoe DJ

DJ Equipment Rentals

• House Parties
• Weddings
• Groom’s Dinners
• Birthday Parties
• Sporting Events
• Celebrations

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