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Lake Tahoe DJ - Ryan PalmerLake Tahoe DJ - Ryan Palmer

DJ Ryan Palmer

My name is Ryan Palmer and I have been a South Lake Tahoe resident since 2000. I come from a radio broadcast background having been an on-air personality for 3 years at 91.3 KUWS in Superior, Wisconsin. After my stint as a radio DJ, I worked in various clubs and venues in the United States and Canada, the most notable being the international ski resort destination of Big White in Kelowna, British Columbia. It was this experience that brought me to the realization that this was what I wanted to do as a profession – and so began my career as Lake Tahoe DJ. I have been the owner and operator of Lake Tahoe DJ since 2006 and have performed at over 200 events. I perform at weddings, corporate events and clubs throughout the Lake Tahoe region. I am experienced, professional and a perfectionist that will ensure that every detail of your event is attended to. I possess refined microphone and public speaking abilities, which will be evident from the first announcement to the last goodbye. I naturally bond with many different audiences and program music accordingly. My professionalism, microphone talents, personality and mixing skills will come together to provide you with the best DJ experience possible. I take my business seriously, and strive to create the best possible experience for you and your guests.

DJ Dylan Thomas

My name is Dylan Thomas I’ve been a Lake Tahoe resident since 1982. Growing up in Tahoe I consider myself one of the lucky few to live near the most magnificent bodies of water surrounded by towering granite and green Sierra Nevada Mountains. I knew from an early age that I was drawn to music, and it seems to move through me freely without effort. Truly, I’m a fan first – I’ve been on the mix tape circuit since the ’90s, diligently digging genres and blowing the dust off our endless supply of sound. I love music, and Dj because I want to do what I love. It puts a smile on face to see music do the same for others. I’ve done events of all styles, and sizes. Whether it’s a theme wedding (big band on the lake), to the senior prom, fashion shows, sporting events, the clubs, house parties – You name it, I’ve done it, or I want to. I only use the highest quality and up-to-date software, hardware, lighting, and audio equipment. I take great pride in anything I do. I want your event to be the best event I’ve ever done. I promise your event will be personalized to your tastes, organized to the last detail, and a memory to last a lifetime. Let’s dance!

Lake Tahoe DJ - Dylan ThomasLake Tahoe DJ - Dylan Thomas
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